Life Long Passion Turns to Profit…

My love of creatures started at a very young age. I started by collecting whatever I could get my hands on. Mostly turtles because I was just learning to walk and they were slow. Mom wouldn’t let a snake in the house so I started a turtle collection.

We moved to a farm in the 70’s where my father made me responsible for the daily care of cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and so on… My love for animals was growing.

In 1987  I moved to Los Angeles. Where I was exposed to the aquarium industry and saw my first exotic reptile. I was hooked! My studio apartment now had a 200 gallon fish tank and a green iguana named Stanley.

In 1993 I decided to move home and focus on animals. I opened my first store in 1994. Now I could have anything I wanted….:) So I indulged! Black mambas, albino rattlesnakes, monitors, bearded dragons, 38 species of gecko, ball pythons…I wanted them all..lol Well to make a long story short the albino rattlesnakes had babies. Thirteen to be exact.  The internet wasn’t in place yet. We had photo classifieds in the back of Vivarium magazine. I advertised those babies. I sold out two days after that issue hit circulation! A snake breeder was born. I simply had to have have more snakes. With a collection now in the hundreds I bought my first ball python morph. Then another. Then another. In 2008 I stepped it up and invested in a Champagne ball python. In 2009 I hatched 19 Champagnes. Needless to say I had the Ball python bug bad. Along the way I fell into coral and fragging and the rest is just what it is. My life with animals. But enough with all that. You get the picture.

Let me take this time to welcome you to my website. It has been a wonderful two decades learning about all these creatures. I can’t wait to see what the future brings and what I learn next. I hope you enjoy the site. Thanks CJ